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Project Details

Country: USA
Domain: Information Technology
Solution: Windows Azure, SQL Azure, SQL Server 2008 R2, Sync Framework, C#, .Net Framework 4.0

Client Profile

The client is a USA based email marketing consultant and web services firm which operates across industries.

Business Scenario

Client is an email marketing consultant and web-services firm based in USA who wanted to streamline the storage of its optical frames database and its distribution to various users. It assigned the task to develop the solution to Cygnet wherein the key requirements were to.

  • Develop a mechanism which could consolidate the database present in multiple users' iPads with centralized database server
  • Systematize the database storage by synchronizing different databases with main database server at regular intervals
  • Allow remote users to directly access the centralized database from different locations
  • Incorporate security in the system which could only allow users to view and download the data without disclosing anything about database and its location in the server

Cygnet’s Solution

Cygnet, with the help of Windows Azure and SQL Azure technologies developed a prototype of the solution as per client's requirements. The prototype developed was capable to store and merge data with centralized server which further could be accessed by end users for tracking and downloading required information. The solution developed, proposed to perform synchronization tasks in standardized manner at regular intervals to present up-to-date information to users in secured way.

To develop the prototype, Cygnet undertook following strategies:

  • Developed a console application using Sync Framework to bridge on premise data to SQL Azure and Windows Azure storage
  • Created a Sync Scope between local SQL database & SQL Azure database to synchronize the data stored at different places (user's iPads) with centralized server
  • Utilized Sync Provider at user and server ends which communicated changes occurred at either ends using Sync Orchestrator
  • The console application also incorporated Conflict Resolution Policy to detect conflicts occurred due to changes at either end which updated the changes at other end. This balancing feature of the application helped in keeping the information up-to-date at both the ends
  • Developed a middle tier running on Windows Azure Hosted Service which worked as an intermediary to connect user's application with SQL Azure database. This service helped users to track the required information from centralized server
  • Created Web Services under Windows Azure Hosted Services which allowed users to view and download the required data without revealing the location (where the data was stored)


Cygnet's prototype developed on Windows Azure promised to provide following benefits to the client

  • Complete automation of database synchronization process with no human errors
  • Ability to track user's database from the up-to-date centralized server
  • Facility to store database on common storage platform accessed by all users
  • Secured channel mechanism to sync, update and share up-to-date information with different users

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