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Project Details

Customer Size: Mid-size Healthcare Facility   
Country: US
Domain: Healthcare
Solution: iOS 7.0, SQL Lite, iPhone, Objective C, MVC, Xcode 5

Client Profile

Client is based in the US who caters in providing premier eye care facilities. They have a diligent team of Ophthalmologists, Optometrists and Orthoptists treating 80,000 patients annually.

Business Scenario

The client required an easy to gauge vision-care mobile application for their patients to detect their vision during regular intervals. The tests results could be submitted to their ophthalmologist who can address the concerns and prescribe accordingly.

They require an application with:

  • Incorporated Standard Ophthalmic Exams
  • Integrated Vision therapy
  • Version control provision for application
  • Embedding charts to measure visual acuity

Cygnet’s Solution

Cygnet designed a smart vision expert application in iOS for iPhones and iPads which integrated LogMAR chart and Ishihara test. This application provides an ease to the patients by taking tests- saving the results and visiting the ophthalmologist according to their convenience.

To meet the requirements of our client, various eye-care tests and eye-exercise where developed like:

  • Visual Acuity Test: To check as to how well you see the details of a letter or symbol from a specific distance
  • Color Vision Deficiency Test: It is the screening test for color blindness for not identifying the exact color.
  • Amsler’s Grid Check: To detect vision defects due to the damage of retina and optic nerve.
  • Contrast Sensitivity Check: To test the ability to see objects in terms of contrast and size.

To know more on how we made the vision care mobile application and more on the functionalities, download the PDF version of the case-study.

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