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Project Details

Country: UK
Domain: eCommerce
Tools and Technologies: PHP, jQuery, Android, Sublime, Android Studio, APAScrum

Client Profile

Our client is a UK based business and a leader in providing POS services to equip owners and managers of both single and multi-store hospitality estates with live information required to meet the ever-increasing customer demand that centers on speed and accuracy.

Business Scenario

Client’s major focus was on the eCommerce website that could seamlessly work across different browsers and enable printing of receipts and make payment using Verifone terminal.

Cygnet's Solution

After the initial feasibility study and business analysis, our team started engineering a POS. Client was pleased with the timely communication and collaboration among global teams. While we were through with 60%-70% development work, our client wanted the website in offline mode as well, a standout feature for this project, which was crucial to attain the business bottom line.

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