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Engineering Catalogue Experience for South Africa Based Large Automobile Distributor

Engineering Catalog Experience for South Africa Based Large Automobile Distributor - Cygnet Infotech Inner Image
Improved Catalogue Management System with a Feature-rich Upgrade

Project Details

Customer Size: Large Auto Retailer and Distributor
Country: South Africa
Domain: Automobiles
Technology: PHP 7.0, Apache 2.4.18, HTML5, CSS, jQuery
Development Framework: Laravel 5.3
Presentation Layer: Bootstrap3, jQuery
Database Server:

Version Control: GIT

Client Profile

Our client is the largest auto retailer and distributor in South Africa for new, used and demo vehicles. As national representatives of over 40 dealerships across South Africa, they are one stop destination for end-to-end car supplier of top brands along with car insurance and car finance services.

Business Scenario

Due to significant deficiencies and repeatedly failures in the existing web ecosystem along with being unable to keep up with technological trends, our client required an upgrade. They wanted to enhance their entire web ecosystem including three major systems Customer Front-End Website, Dealer Dashboard, Administration Portal, which were slow and unresponsive to requests. They lacked robustness and required technology makeover, thus, they chose Cygnet Infotech as their backend development partner including development of Customer Facing Website, Administration Portal and Dealer Dashboard.

Cygnet's Solution

Cygnet Infotech provided complete suite of catalogue management, along with offering the client to track, distribute and process the orders in real-time and update order enquiries regularly. Cygnet’s senior business analyst went onsite to client’s location to client’s workshop for better understanding on client’s requirement workshop to understand on existing shortfalls and challenges with client’s current eco-system. Cygnet overcame the cultural barrier by in-depth analysis of their culture, their business approach and provided complete offshore and on-shore support to the client despite time-zone barriers.

Key highlights of the critical delivery included new website rebuilt using Microsoft Technology, region or brand specific microsites functionality setup, rebuilt dealer dashboard according to their convenience, and many more. To know more on how efficiently Cygnet improved the catalogue management system for an automobile distributor, Download the PDF.


About Cygnet

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