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Intelligent Nesting and Optimization CAD/CAM Software Solution for a Turkey Based Client Engineering Catalogue Experience for South Africa Based Large Automobile Distributor

Enhancing Team Collaboration for a US Based Premier Technology Firm with Comprehensive SharePoint Based Solutions

Enhancing Team Collaboration for a US Based Premier Technology Firm with Comprehensive SharePoint Based Solutions - Cygnet Infotech Inner Image
SharePoint Based Comprehensive Solution To Streamline And Manage Internal Tasks And Processes

Project Details

Customer Size: Large Organization
Country: US
Domain: Information Technology
Technology: PHP
Development Framework: WordPress
Application Design Structure: CMS
Database: Microsoft SQL 
Browser Compatibility: Latest Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge, Mac Safari
Development Environment: 

Client Profile

Our client is the US based leading SharePoint solution provider with consistent excellence in SharePoint developments, deployments, solutions, migrations and upgrades. They have efficiently framed up their services to turn the versatile platform of SharePoint into an enabler of intensive workflows, multi-level collaboration and enabling themselves as a reliable base of innovation management and enterprise-wise knowledge.  While matching SharePoint’s unique components with client’s organizational needs, they aim at promoting their client’s business growth and corporate evolution that have put them on a competitive edge.

Business Scenario

Our client required a SharePoint based solution to implement a sustainable and organized internal communication process where they could simplify and channelize the processes like coordinating employee tasks and deadlines, track priority tasks, collaborate with coworkers and analyze their performance.

They were actively seeking for the following functionalities to streamline their task management process in their organization:

  • Task template creation
  • Automated and manual task generation
  • Task calendar
  • Color based task prioritization
  • Comprehensive report generation
  • Interactive dashboard

Cygnet's Solution

Considering all the complexities of the procedures of a typical task management solution, Team Cygnet mapped all the functions and features required to simplify and streamline the processes at client’s end. Furthermore, looking at the client’s unique requirements, Team Cygnet designed a development plan after exhaustive research.

SharePoint based generic solution was created that provided best-in-class features ranging from interactive dashboard to task template creation with many others. To learn more functionalities and how Cygnet’s SharePoint solution works, download our free PDF.


About Cygnet

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