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Facilitated Superfast Website Development by Building a SAAS-based Website Building Tool


The client came to us with first version of a tool that would simplify & speed up development of websites for digital marketing. Cygnet helped the client hone their idea and convert it into a marketable product – a SAAS-based website building tool, for creating versatile websites quickly and with least effort. 

Project Details

Country: Australia 
Domain: IT 
Solution: PHP – Zend Framework, YUI library, jQuery, MySQL

Client Profile

Australian company, with a strong foothold in New-Zealand and Canada, renowned for its world class products and innovative business software’s aimed to serve small- and mid-sized companies. The company’s core focus is on delivering web development, design and digital marketing solutions that help business build and manage customized online presences easily. 

Business Scenario

With the goal of creating a tool that would help build high-performance, feature-rich websites quickly and efficiently, our client had created the first version of the product. But, to make it more effective & to broaden its appeal to larger segment of the market, the client felt the need to:

  • Offer support for shopping cart and other ecommerce features
  • Improve the in-built UX features for more intuitive web design & backend
  • Integrate payment gateways, marketing campaigns, shipping, ordering & billing, and other third-party APIs

Cygnet’s Solution

Analysis of client’s current requirements and future plans, Cygnet’s team found that client’s current tool was built on Core PHP, with a loose structure and non-optimum coding. To realize client’s vision of building a high-performance website building tool, our team:

  • Improved performance & scalability of the tool by choosing Zend framework for developing modules quickly, as it contains ready-to-use library components with MVC structures, and offers strong security features
  • Optimized existing code and migrated existing modules to Zend
  • Augmented the functionality of the tool by integrating enablers like Google API, payment gateways, shipping modules, shopping carts
  • Made it easier to build websites using the tool by creating an intuitive UI


  • Slashed the time taken to build websites by 83%
  • Reduced the overall cost of website development by 97%
  • The client delivers more than 500 websites annually using the tool
  • SAAS-based model boost sales by enabling client to offer trail versions and pay-and-use features

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