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A global telecom company wanted to enhance the mobile component of an existing product, to provide better user experience. Cygnet extended the functionality of the app, optimized UI-UX and tested it to deliver a flawless experience.

Project Details

Country: USA        
Domain: Telecom        
Solution: iOS, Android, MonkeyTalk, Jira, Mantis

Client Profile

A global technology giant with diverse solutions & a services portfolio for the telecom industry. In addition to telecom solutions, the company is also renowned for its technology & digital publishing businesses.

Business Scenario

Our client owns a robust web-based application that enables businesses to manage calls, send messages, voicemails and faxes which reduces the associated costs. The client added mobility to the app, but the mobile version it did not gain desired traction in the market.

  • Client expanded web-based product’s feature range, so project scope broadened continually.
  • Newer requirements demanded integrations with several third-party tools, increasing complexity and necessitating dedicated testing
  • New iOS release during development phase necessitated application upgrade

Cygnet’s Solution

In order to deliver a flawless app, we gained a deep understanding of the web-based application. We relied on detailed documentation and adopted an Agile approach to combat problems thrown by evolving requirements.

  • Rapidly identified and eliminated defects and bugs, by implementing a continuous integration process for testing
  • Implemented automation testing using Monkey Talk to verify the below-mentioned processes which were otherwise difficult through manual testing.
  • New user sign-up process – Entering area code, selecting number, filling-up user information, etc
  • SMS sending process – login, entering number, typing message, tapping on send button
  • UI elements functioning – Homescreen buttons, settings, keypad, images, inbox
  • Ensured optimum performance across Apple and Android devices through rigorous manual testing


  • Increases sales  due to substantial rise in level of user acceptance for the mobile application
  • Boost in user review ratings of the application on app stores – garnered 4+ stars ratings

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