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Project Details

Country: USA
Domain: Information Technology
Customer Size: Large Size Organization

Client Profile

The client is a market leader in providing Cloud-based Fax solution demonstrating a strong presence in 49 countries and 6 continents. With a proven record of specializing in this market, client has successfully established a strong customer base of more than 10 million worldwide.

Business Challenges

Due to their global presence, client faced challenges in manually maintaining application functionalities for multiple geographies and languages. Manual testers also faced major challenges in performing regression testing on actual mobile devices which resulted in chasing sprint deadlines. Eventually, the client wanted to achieve:

  • Faster efficiency (Reduce manual efforts)
  • Lower release cycle time
  • Minimize iteration testing cost
  • Reduce regression testing time
  • Manage user acceptance in real-time

Cygnet's Solution

QA experts at Cygnet after understanding and analyzing client’s requirement, developed a robust mobile application and provided test automation service to ensure high performance of the application. We automated most of the regression scenarios to simultaneously test on multiple platforms and devices (Android or iOS). This enabled the client to achieve superior user experience and faster time to market.

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