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Intelligent Nesting and Optimization CAD/CAM Software Solution for a Turkey Based Client

Intelligent Nesting and Optimization CADCAM Software Solution for a Turkey Based Client - Cygnet Infotech Inner Image
Fully Integrated Smart CAD/CAM Solution To Reduce Remnants And Optimize Production Costs

Project Details

Customer Size: Large Organization
Country: Turkey
Domain: Manufacturing
Technology: PHP
Framework and Technology: Net framework 4.0, C# .Net, WPF, DirectX, SharpDX 2.6.3, SQLite, Helix Toolkit, Multi-threading & Parallelism, Protobuf-Net
Development Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 / 2010
Version Control: Tortoise SVN

Client Profile

Our client is amongst one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high tech metal working machinery since 1973. They are a well-known global brand in machining and metal cutting. Catering to the software domain, our client provides effective solutions with intelligent nesting and optimization software program. Sharing a rich experience of 40 years in manufacturing parts of CNC machines like generators, torches, servo-motors and with one-of-a-kind approach, our client is the first company in this domain to provide its own nesting software program; which has put them on a competitive edge.

Business Scenario

With the objective of increasing productivity, saving on capital expenditure and reducing remnants by enabling quick and effective machining; our client required an efficient technology partner who could work closely with their team in Turkey to build a solution that had the following functionalities:

  • Cost effective solution to optimize cutting and minimize remnants
  • Seamlessly import/export drawings from/to other software
  • Generate instructions for CNC machines in G-code/ESSI format
  • Real-time simulation of cutting process
  • Support various types of bevel cuttings

Cygnet's Solution

Team Cygnet came up with a comprehensive intelligent nesting and optimization CAD/CAM solution structured in two parts i.e. CAD and CAM using .Net to enhance the user experience after carefully studying the client requirements. Cygnet developed the CAD part which managed the functions of creating and manipulating 2D drawings whereas the CAM part managed the automatic and manual nesting to define jobs using machine, stock and shape information. To learn more functionalities, download our free PDF.


About Cygnet

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