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Cygnet Infotech developed a bulk mailing and invoice generation system in Java for a USA based client to automate the process of generating invoices (debit memo & credit memo) and emailing them to the domestic customers in their native language.

Project Details

Country: USA
Domain: Telecommunication
Technology: Java, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle 11g

Client Profile

Publicly traded technology company that provides Internet services through two divisions: Business Cloud Services and Digital Media. The business Cloud services segment offers cloud based services to small to medium size businesses and enterprise as well. The Business Cloud Services segment offers Internet fax, virtual phone, hosted email, email marketing, online backup, unified communications and CRM solutions. The Digital Media division delivers various content through its digital properties. The Digital Media segment offers news and reviews of technology products on its web properties.

Business Scenario

A USA based online faxing solutions provider was looking to develop a state of the art bulk mailing system in order to automate the invoice generation and emailing process. The existing manual process of classifying the invoices, mapping them to the customer's database and sending them to the local customers in their native language was a time consuming and hectic job. Moreover, there was no facility of altering invoice templates or tracking the email progress due to which the client realized the need to introduce an automated invoice mailing system with following provisions

  • Ability to read Comma Separated Values (CSV) files
  • Maintaining the integrity and validation of data
  • Map/Select Invoices based on customer credentials
  • Select a template and send invoices in pre-defined order
  • Create a log for the responses in the database
  • Provide RPM packages for deployment

Cygnet’s Solution

Being in the field of custom software development, Cygnet easily grasped the requirements and decided to develop the solution in Java technology. To develop the aforesaid solution, our Java developers beat several challenges faced by the client following agile and test driven approach:

  • Introduced database sequencing that keeps the log of email success and failure. This solved the problem of email success tracking
  • Integrated Hibernate in the application to maintain the current JDBC (customer database)
  • Implemented the concept of threads to overcome the problem of handling multiple requests at a time

Within the span of 2 months, Cygnet was up with the solution that caters to the client's bulk mailing and invoice generation process in the following manner:

  • Accepts CSV files having customer details like customer ID, email etc. and stores them on a pre-defined location in a centralized server
  • Processes job requests by reading the .CSV file in pre-defined folder, processes it, inserts the customer data into the report and generates the invoices in a scheduled frequency
  • The system further looks for type of invoice based on customer id, picks up the generated .PDF invoice report
  • Schedules the emails in the form of attachment in a pre-defined native language with cover letter to all the recipients


The automated invoice mailing software developed by Cygnet offered the following benefits to the client

  • Speedy delivery of invoices to customers due to complete automation of invoice generation and emailing process
  • Easy and intuitive user interface to process the invoice generation and emailing requests
  • Freedom to tweak the templates depending on the contents of the invoices
  • Automated native language changing process without human intervention
  • Maintenance of all the past emailing activities and progress for future reference

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