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Developed a unified model that seamlessly integrated web and windows applications, providing an automated business process. Using process and data flow modeling techniques & Telelink controls on .Net Framework, process reengineering was done to move a CSR driven approach to a web based client dashboard. The end result was an application that was scalable, intelligent and provided better usability and greater functionality.

Project Details

Country: USA
Solution: Visual Studio .NET 2005, VSS, ASP.NET 2.0, AJAX, C#.NET, VB.NET, WinForms, CruiseControl .net , Telerik, Omniture, Offermatica, Pixel ,Ghostdoc, Fxcop, MS SQL SERVER 2005, Windows 2003, IIS6

Business Scenario

Client had multiple legacy applications and websites for shopping cart, customer and employee control panels. All these applications lacked integration with each other, were time consuming and old-fashioned. The applications performed number of tasks sequentially, slowly and thus reduced company's throughput significantly. The applications were unable to suffice to the customer requests, subsequently creating a possible threat on the company's growing prospects.

  • The client was bearing significant cost for redundant, cumbersome tasks for customer verification and Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS)'s activation process
  • Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) were unable to provide customer's information on-demand
  • Client was unable to get current snapshot for its operations
  • Senior management was unable to get information for marketing trends, product performance, sales, and revenue
  • Marketing managers were unable to track customer behavior, site usability, feedback, sales and revenue patterns and gray areas to optimize
  • Customers were unable to select DNIS of their choice with constraint of one DNIS per order. This played an important factor for low customer conversions
  • Main areas that needed to be solved were collaboration, automation, value added services and low operating cost

Cygnet’s Solution

The client wanted to provide a single point access for seamless working of site. Cygnet Infotech developed a unified model and seamlessly integrated web and windows applications with each other to provide an automated business process. The end result was an application that was scalable, intelligent and was delivering pleasant experience, better usability, and greater functionality:

  • Shopping cart was re-designed to provide multiple DNIS selection, multiple product options, and promotional offers resulting in increased traffic and conversions
  • Application was designed to add promotional plans, coupon codes and marketing tactics on the fly without requiring IT support. The end result was scalable, fast and accessible on primitive web browsers i.e. no cookies, no JavaScript and accessible on cross platform browsers
  • Customer's control panel was revamped to deliver better user experiences, helpdesk, support tickets, knowledge base articles, and extensive value added services
  • Customers could manage and configure toll free numbers from any web browsers without any manual intervention
  • Site was designed with higher ergonomics, appropriate information on pages allowing the customers to order with minimum clicks
  • Administrative control panel was developed leveraging automation, generating required information from any business process. Additionally new services were added making the entire administration smoother, easier and faster
  • New modules for prospect, case and support, telephony procedures and configuration, CSR training, voice studio, automatic email management, job management, billing manager, CSR performance and survey were added that tremendously boosted system performance.
  • A reporting module was provided that churned existing information to provide accurate and exact information aiding the management to take better, fast and informed decisions.
  • Telephony applications were also developed to enhance, automate technical configuration and procedures. These applications were designed to be multi-threaded, high performing and scalable.
  • Payment gateways were integrated to support monthly recurring billing payments in multi-threading fashion to drastically reduce credit card processing duration.
  • Phone Spell Engine was provided to generate mnemonics based on permutations and combinations of dictionary words achieved through extreme fast type safe data structures; end result was 2nd rank among top phone spell search engines.


  • The new solution increased CSR productivity drastically. Knowledge base articles and tips helped customer to configure services better reducing CSR support.
  • Improved Employee Processes
  • Multiple credit cards processing with reduction in failures. In addition single click financial transactions freeing the users from redundant tasks and achieving better financial concentration on critical tasks.
  • Better information availability helping in better decision making.
  • Improved Customer Experience

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