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Cygnet enabled mining and resources companies to reduce cost of environmental monitoring while meeting compliance requirements – by developing a cross-platform mobile and web application for digitizing data capturing and sharing & streamlining processes

Project Details

Country: Australia
Domain: Mining & Resources
Solution: Xamarin, Microsoft .NET 4.5, Web API 2.0, Angular JS, SQL Server, CQRS, Entity Framework, ASP.NET Identity, Reactive UI, Microsoft Azure

Client Profile

Our client provides software solutions to Mining, Resources and Exploration industry in Australia. Having worked in environmental monitoring of large projects since long, the client is aware of problems pertaining to field visits for environment monitoring, reporting & compliance. 

Business Scenario

Australian mining companies are required to follow stringent environmental guidelines set by the government. The companies need to submit regular reports on activities performed, impact on the environment and steps taken to reduce harm, etc. Traditionally, companies hire consultants to collect samples and send them to laboratories for testing. However, there are certain problems that these companies face:

  • The periodic visits are very costly because charges per visit are very high.
  • The monitoring process is manual, hence chances of failure of the visit are high. Failures causes re-visits, which drive up costs further.
  • The client is expecting large projects in near future – this would increase need for effectiveness in monitoring.
  • There is no common platform for organizations and laboratories to share information & findings.

Cygnet’s Solution

After studying the client’s business flow, Cygnet designed a solution using which the organizations can

  • Manage environmental monitoring for multiple projects
  • Assign jobs to various consultants & send relevant data digitally
  • Access data and managing information generated from related assignments

Consultants can use the mobile version of the application to view the assignments from different organizations, which enables them to

  • Plan visits – checklist of equipment, samples to take, list of QA/QC protocols
  • Take Observations – Photographs, readings, and more
  • Generate Reports and submit to laboratories digitally

To ensure that the app can be accessed across multiple mobile devices and operating systems, Cygnet team designed a customized Windows Metro App Supported with a Web Application. Xamarin was chosen as the platform. So, the mobile app works on all major platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Environmental Monitoring Solution Benefits
  • Significant reduction in the cost of environmental monitoring
  • Easy and smooth collaboration between industries and related organizations participating in the assignment
  • Faster processing with Automated Data Gathering, Sharing & Reporting Process
  • Identifying shortest path for navigating to sites for the assignment
  • Solution compatible to needs of different industries and easy to customize– future source of revenue
Benefits Delivered by Chosen Technology
  • Reduced time & cost of development with Xamarin
  • Support to a wide range of devices by building cross-platform app
  • Quick response time because of Reactive User interface for app

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