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Data Warehouse Implementation for a Leading Financial Services Group

Client partnered with Cygnet to develop a centralized on-premise data warehouse to efficiently manage huge volumes of diverse data sets and accurately generate business insights.

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Provided A Data Convertor Utility to A Leading Bank

Client partnered with Cygnet to address the ever-increasing data management challenges. Cygnet developed a data convertor utility to standardize data formats across the bank.

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Invoicing and Digital Signature Solution

Cygnet developed and deployed a digital signature solution to effectively manage large volume data, multiple transactions, affix digital signatures, send emails and more.

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Data Management Accuracy Increased by 99% for a Pharma Giant with Robotic Process Automation

Automation standardized the document management and invoice dispersal process eliminating manual data processing while leading to reduction in time, increased accuracy and high ROI.

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Quality Assurance for a Blockchain-based Solution Disrupting the Podcast Industry

End-to-end Blockchain Testing for North American Blockchain AI Powered Marketplace for Podcasters

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60% Improvement in Medical Counseling Process with Mobile and Web Apps

Delivered (iOS and Android) native mobile and web application to simplify and optimize the process of connecting patient, counsellor and supervisor for better healthcare experience.

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70% Improvement in Service and Product Delivery on Implementing DevOps

DevOps standardized SDLC processes ensuring end-to-end network, operations and control support to handle outages and provide proactive resolutions.

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Demolition Project Management Solution

After diving deep into the client’s business challenges, Cygnet conceptualized a Project Management Solution for effective resource allocation and added transparency in operations.

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SAP Audit for a Leading Crane Manufacturer

SAP experts at Cygnet enabled automation and streamlined every inconsistency with proper segregation of duties in the client's system by implementing various SAP modules.

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