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Staff Augmentation for an American B2B Technology Solutions Giant

Cygnet Infotech worked as a resource engine powering an American client in new business acquisition & timely delivery of critical commitments while reducing cost.

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Intuitive Women Health Mobile Application For an Emerging Tech Company

Technical experts at Cygnet dived deep into unique and intricate demands of client and developed an iOS application specifically concerning women’s menstruation and health regime.

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Improved Customer Engagement with Salesforce Community

Based on the detailed analysis of the business scenario, Cygnet offered a robust solution built on Salesforce community to help client improve customer engagement, satisfaction and sales.

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Salesforce Lightning enabled Custom Quote Management System

Cygnet developed a lucrative business solution to help a leading construction firm by automating their processes using Salesforce Lightening.

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Enterprise Tax Solution With Big Data Elastic Search

Cygnet designed and delivered a tax solution with big data elastic search for a UAE based real estate and hospitality conglomerate

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Improved Application Performance with Mobile Test Automation for a Premier Fax Solution Provider

Cygnet offered Mobile Test Automation that significantly improved application performance, optimized cost, and reduced release cycle.

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Crowd Testing of HRM Solution for a Leading Technology Service Provider

Cygnet’s QA team facilitated the Crowd Testing of an HRM solution for accelerated user acceptance and improved marketability.

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Centralized Data Warehouse for a Leading Real Estate

Cygnet deployed a centralized data warehouse for managing and processing huge volumes of data received in diverse formats and data systems.

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Data Warehouse Implementation for a Leading Financial Services Group

Client partnered with Cygnet to develop a centralized on-premise data warehouse to efficiently manage huge volumes of diverse data sets and accurately generate business insights.

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