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Project Details

Country: UAE
Domain: Transportation
Programming Language: Python, NodeJS, Javascript

Client Profile

Our client is one of the leading taxi service providers in the Middle East who is also a frontrunner in providing customer care and comfort services of the highest standards to their clientele.

Business Scenario

Client’s taxi drivers were spending half their operational time on non-revenue trips primarily due to the lack of taxi demand visibility. As a result, the operational cost against revenue kept mounting, which in the long run would have limited their business development.

Cygnet's Solution

Cygnet has been delivering cutting edge travel and transport solutions based on emerging and established technologies. In this case, Cygnet’s team backed by its domain expertise team collected the historical trip data from trips, live taxi locations and their statuses to identify the occupancy of different taxis. Based on the collected data, team Cygnet analyzed the statistics of the transport demands and made the training data set to create a solution that is bolstered with Machine Learning & Deep Learning industry standard algorithms.

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