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SharePoint Based Document Management and Digitization Solution for a South African Client Streamlining Employee Leave Management Process with SharePoint based Solution

Simplified Management of Employee Details by Efficient SharePoint Based Desktop Application

Simplified Management of Employee Details by Efficient SharePoint Based Desktop Application Inner Image
Customized SharePoint Based Solution for Employee Details Management

Project Details

Customer Size: Large Organization
Country: US
Domain: Finance
Technology: SharePoint Server 2013
Programming Language: C#, jQuery, JavaScript
Development Framework: .NET Framework 4.0
Database: SQL Server 2012
Browser Compatibility: IE, Edge, Firefox, Chrome
Development Environment:Visual Studio 2013, SQL Server Management Studio, SharePoint Designer 2013

Client Profile

Our client has a proven expertise in innovative finance strategies and strategic planning, corporate governance, management development and positioning for liquidity. They make venture capital investments in the areas of environmental and energy technologies, health and life sciences, information and communication technology to create and drive profitable exit investments.

Business Scenario

Our client was facing glitches in setting up the installation of SharePoint even after having the license. They were unable to handle the data of the employees so needed desktop applications as well as the applications that can be linked to the SharePoint portal. Further enhancing the harmonious environment amongst all the employees, an easy-to-maintain the employees’ details became a necessity for the client. Observing SharePoint expertise of Cygnet, they reached out to us to build a SharePoint based solution.

Cygnet's Solution

Cygnet offered applications that help to manage employee details, enable easier internal communication, manage users’ information as well as leaves. The applications work independently as well as can be linked to SharePoint portal. The enhanced functionalities of the applications include automated installation process for user account signups, hassle-free development of developer instance and production instance, and many more. For more details on features and functionalities of SharePoint based applications, Download the Free PDF.


About Cygnet

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