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Simplifying Big Data Exchange & Reporting through Platform Integration & Process Automation


A large US enterprise uses a data capture platform to extract and digitize data from physical documents. Cygnet automated the process of pushing and retrieving documents to and from the platform through platform integration and interface building, allowing administrators to simplify management of their mammoth digitization process.

Project Details

Country: USA
Solution: Groovy, Oracle 11g

Client Profile

A leading IT Consulting Company in USA, dedicated to creating software and building integration solutions that empower small businesses. In addition to a large suite of products, the company also offers a full range of support services to its large client base.

Business Scenario

A large US enterprise deals with millions of physical documents – both printed and hand-written – annually. In order to digitize these documents, the organization has tied up with a data capture platform. For this, the organization needs to push close to 10,000 files to the data capture platform, every day. This process throws up challenges:

  • When the data capture platform cannot read the documents or specific fields within documents, it assigns codes that are not user friendly
  • It is extremely difficult for administrators to manually sort and take actions on the documents or fields that have been rejected as impossible to read
  • There is no interface that can give a clear view of the number and types of files that are rejected

Cygnet’s Solution

Cygnet helped to automate the entire process of pushing files to, and retrieving digital files from, the data capture platform, simplifying the entire process & reducing dependence on manual action. To achieve this, we:

  • Empowered the users to easily access data on failed & successful digitization through a customized dashboard
  • Automated the exchange of large amount of data between the organization and data capture platform by building a robust integration API


  • Increased admin efficiency by automating the sending and retrieving of Over 10,000 files daily
  • Substantially Reduced operational cost by reducing manual inputs to minimum

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