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Slashed Phone Bills From $1500 To $150 With A Web & Mobile-Enabled Project & Information Management Solution


With an aim to assist the construction industry of Australia, the client company wanted to develop a dedicated software solution that could act as a common repository of task requests as well as a communication platform to accomplish construction related tasks more quickly and efficiently. Cygnet stepped into the client’s shoes and developed a web and mobile version of the solution that enhanced the overall project and information management across the entire industry players which resulted in reducing co-ordination and supervision costs up to 90% and automating the task management processes by the same rate.

Project Details

Customer Size: Mid-size Organization
Country: Australia
Domain: Information Technology
Solution: ASP.NET MVC 4.0, C# .NET 4.0, Web API 1.0, JQuery, SQL Server 2008 R2, Amazon Cloud, PhoneGap Framework, HTML 5 / JQuery Mobile UI, CSS 3, Angular

Client Profile

An innovative company engaged in developing enterprise-level software solutions with operations in Australia. The company holds a vision of uplifting and enhancing key business processes of various industries across Australia, USA, UK and Canada with its range of turnkey technology-enabled solutions.

Business Scenario

The client company wanted to develop a dedicated web and mobile-enabled solution that could manage all the projects and tasks related to the construction of residential and home buildings in Australia and enable effective collaboration and information sharing among the key players and contractors. To develop the solution on both web and mobile front simultaneously within the desired timeline after conducting a detailed study of the Australian law and construction processes, depending on local teams was difficult due to a number of ongoing in-house projects.

Hence, to speed up the project, the company was looking for an outsourcing partner who already had an experience of working in the construction industry. Since Cygnet had worked for a number of software development projects in the same domain and had an experience of developing a wide range of enterprise-level softwares, the client appointed Cygnet as a development partner of the project.

Cygnet’s Solution

Cygnet worked with the client to develop the construction project and information management solution. Some of the key implementations to accomplish the project with the desired features include following:

  • Created a Role-based Job Creation, Allocation & Management module with Email notification facilities
  • Developed an Account Management module with billing and invoicing facilities along with user authentication management
  • Integrated Google Map API to attribute and map tasks with construction sites
  • Developed Contract Documents and Job Information Management module to enable seamless coordination
  • Created mobile applications of the solution for Android, iOS and Windows devices in PhoneGap
  • Developed several independent APIs to integrate with third-party systems
  • Integrated Chargify payment gateway to subscribe for different service plans of the solution
  • Also created a front-end interface design for both Web and Mobile version of the solution


  • Reduction in Phone bills from 1500$ to 150$ due to quick access to task, resources, schedules, documents and account information from anywhere
  • Enhanced co-ordination and communication between project managers and contractors on construction project completion, issues, hold ups and progress
  • Automated 90% management of tasks, orders and information
  • Improved transparency and faster job completion cycle with real-time task calendar

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