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Streamlined Stock Transfer Process with SAP Module Implementation for an India based Refrigerator Manufacturing Company

Streamlined Stock Transfer Process with SAP Module Implementation for an India based Refrigerator Manufacturing Company - Inner Image
Streamlined and reengineered the Stock Transfer Process with SAP module implementation

Project Details

Country: India
Domain: Manufacturing Industry
Technology: SAP ECC 6.0 Version
Server: Development, Quality, Production

Client Profile

Our client is one of the largest manufacturers of commercial refrigeration equipment in India. They started as a trading company and commenced with the supply of air-conditioning and refrigeration parts in 1972. Over the years, they have expanded their business and now have operations spread across 16 locations in India, exporting 3,50,000+ units per annum across 45 countries.

Business Scenario

As one of the leading manufacturers of commercial refrigeration equipment, our client faced severe challenges to manage stock transfer from the manufacturing plant to the depot, as the margin of the stock was mishandled by depot users. This hampered the company’s efforts to achieve goals and objectives resulted in business disruption due to the misleading balance sheet numbers from the standpoint of Material Management, and Sales and Distribution. In order to fill the gaps and rectify the existing processes, they required a solution developed using SAP to automate and streamline the processes and eliminate human intervention.

Cygnet's Solution

After understanding and analyzing the client’s requirements, industry challenges, and the expected outcome from the proposed implementation, the Cygnet SAP team helped the client implement the modules, and enable an automated and streamlined stock transfer order process. Based on its in-depth expertise in SAP module implementations, the Cygnet team implemented different modules such as Materials Management, Sales and Distribution, Finance, and Advanced Business Application Programming to render a simplified stock transfer process.

Based on the analysis of the existing workflows, the Cygnet team designed a solution in which they provided a process that maintained all the data at one location, which not only saved time and effort but also eliminated the possibility of data duplication. We also provided an automated process in which the original data of a Purchase Order (PO) is fetched directly including the basic price of the product, freight, margin values etc. and processed while generating invoices.  


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