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Project Details

Customer Size: Independent Service Provider
Country: US
Domain: Information Technology
Technology: SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016
Programming Language: C#
Development Framework: .NET Framework 4.5
Database: SQL Server 2008 and 2012
Browser Compatibility: Firefox, Chrome, IE 8 to 11, Edge, Safari
Development Environment: Windows

Client Profile

Our client is the US based leading SharePoint solution provider with consistent excellence in SharePoint developments, deployments, solutions, migrations and upgrades. They have efficiently framed up their services to turn the versatile platform of SharePoint into an enabler of intensive workflows, multi-level collaboration and enabling themselves as a reliable base of innovation management and enterprise-wise knowledge.  While matching SharePoint’s unique components with client’s organizational needs, they aim at promoting their client’s business growth and corporate evolution that have put them on a competitive edge.

Business Scenario

In order to provide an efficient leave management system to simplify the complexities in administration and absence management remarkably for the employees operating from different geographies, our client raised the requirement for an enhanced automated solution which handled paid time-off requests and approvals digitally and tracked them in convenient calendars and reports.

They were actively seeking for the following functionalities to streamline their leave management process and administration system:

  • Interactive dashboard
  • Submission of PTO requests by the employee himself and on behalf of an employee
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook
  • Calendar view for all the requests
  • Delegate of approvals and auto-approvals by the managers
  • Over allocation
  • Exclusive features for HR
  • Team wise view for the managers and HRs
  • Retraction of requests

Cygnet's Solution

Considering all the complexities of the procedures of a leave management solution, Team Cygnet mapped all the functions and features required to simplify and streamline the processes at client’s end. Furthermore, looking at the client’s unique requirements, Team Cygnet designed a development plan after exhaustive research.

SharePoint based generic solution was created that provided best-in-class features ranging from simplified paid time-off requests and approvals to many exclusive features tailored for the HR team. To learn more functionalities and how Cygnet’s SharePoint solution works, download our free PDF.

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