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Project Details

Customer Size: Small Organization 
Country: USA
Domain: NGO
Solution: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 & JavaScript

Client Profile

The client is an NGO engaged in generating funds for various real-world policies and programs targeted to low income groups in different parts of USA.

Business Scenario

The client wanted to build Test Models (an application which could test the learning capacities of students in elementary reading) for different members (schools and institutions). The purpose of developing the application was to enable different school administrators and policy makers to judge the students with learning disabilities and create a program for improving reading instruction for struggling students. With this application, the client wanted to measure different impacts of the Test Models on first and second-graders students' academic outcomes after one or two years of its implementation.

Cygnet’s Solution

Integrating Dynamics CRM in the solution, Cygnet successfully developed the Test Models as per client's specification which addressed the concern of identifying students with learning disabilities. These models were implemented on Cloud which worked incessantly with the institution's workflow and helped them in assessing students' learning potentials as well as disabilities. The models produced customized reports which helped the administrators in identifying at-risk students and dealing/intervening early with their disabilities.

Cygnet's development of Test Models included following process:

  • Integrated school and student database with Dynamics CRM to identify and map the database entities with respective CRM entities
  • Customized excel sheet format as per CRM format to understand and match the results better with respective CRM entry
  • Differentiated external and internal users while creating access rights to map CRM entities and evaluate test results
  • Developed custom reports section to classify students as per their learning disabilities
  • Formulated reading instructions in the system for struggling students to help in dealing with their learning disabilities


Cygnet's Test Model solution developed on Dynamics CRM imparted huge benefits to client:

  • Offered a platform to maintain records of schools/institutions, contact information and related database of students which helped in mapping and evaluating results impeccably
  • The different Test Models such as reading achievement, grade promotion, eligibility for special education services, etc depicted accurate information on student's academic outcomes
  • The assignment designs of the solution allowed comparing outcomes of all three groups and estimating their relative impacts on different models. This helped the schools in judging the students more accurately and devising plan for their further learning

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