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  • Automating tests, especially that of regression, can be very advantageous to software projects. It not only makes the execution faster and cost-efficient but also makes them more accurate and lends them the capability to run more often. Automation checks can be run every night or just before implementing a security or patch update.

    We are experts in delivering Test Automation Consulting Services on the basis of framework driven by data wherever possible, which ensures that the script is developed with a modular approach. This makes maintenance much easier. The frameworks make sure the regular functions are established at an early stage and are used all through the application. This develops a repository of objects and standards that are to be used throughout the project of automation.

    We have extensive experience in applying automated checks on several projects facilitating a more detailed set of examinations to be run when a system is altered for an extensive range of projects and architectures. We are also comfortable with traditional automation test projects.

    Our consulting services include

    • Planning for test automation
    • Automated test case development using a number of commercial or open source tools
    • Developing automated regression test suites
    • Maintenance of automated test suites
    • Creation and maintenance of automated test cases in TestingWhiz
    • Frameworks Development
    • Test Training & implementation

    Our consulting services ensure we bring right testing engagement, so that you can gauge how this process saves time and is also cost-efficient.

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