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Cygnet Infotech presents a webinar with spotlight on "Grails" for Accelerating J2EE Application Development Join the imminent knowledgeable session for gaining tactics on how -

  • Grails can help J2EE teams to be more productive and efficient
  • Grails can shorten Go-To-Market time for project development

Understand its implementation strategies, applications and business benefits.

Following points were discussed:
  • What is special about "Grails"?
  • Digging in Grail's Architecture
  • Fruitful Grails Commands
  • Unveiling Power of Scaffolding
  • Utilizing Grails Configuration
  • Muscle up application by meta programming
  • Success Stories
  • Q&A
How does Grails provide a cloud-centric environment?

Basically, an outcome from Grails war is a war file that can be deployed over a standard web container. Deploying these wars can be a standalone machine or it can be deployed over a cloud in case your objective is to have stretchable hardware resources, load balancing and fail over management. CloudFoundry plugin is available to support this kind of deployment over Amazon EC2 and Redhat cloud.

What is sitemash and what role does it play in Grails?

Site-mash is used for layout of pages, by specifying the layouts, pieces of GSPs can be reused and templating can be achieved.

For a novice java developer, how much time it is required to know completely groovy on grails?

A week is enough to start basic development.

Grails is super for CRUD.  For building on top of legacy databases where data retrieval / updates must be sent / received via Oracle PL/SQL calls, can grails support that through configuration?

In addition to dynamic dispatch for CRUD methods, yes we can very well write our custom code to query database, be it in HQL via standard query or be it stored procedure calls.

What does Scaffolding means?

Scaffolding is meant to provide all boilerplate code behind the scene at runtime to perform CRUD functionality.

Is it possible to use the variables defined in config.groovy in domain and service classes.

Yes. We can access variables defined in config.groovy using ApplicationHolder object

Can I use grail for xmpp and JMS for asynchronous communication?

Yes. It is possible through the various plug-ins like ActiveMQ

What would be the minimum system/server configuration required?

Standard developer machine will be most helpful.

Is there any support for reporting tool other than Jasper?

Yes, there are plug-ins for reporting tools like BIRT Report, Dynamic Jasper, and Export.

Does Grails have something like Django Admin?

Yes. Grails does have plug-in to support Django template.

Does Grails use an application server datasource (in instance to create one into DataSource.groovy)?

Yes, by specifying details in DataSource.groovy.

Can we use JQuery scripts for UI?

Yes we can use Jquery in gsp pages. In fact Jquery ships as a package starting grails 2.2, earlier it has to be installed as a separate plug-in.

Can we use MYSQL?

Yes, Grails supports all standard RDMBS and hence MySQL too.

How do I use more than one database in Grails?

By providing configuration details in datasource.groovy

Is Exception handling supported?

Yes, it is rich by platform itself and even error reporting in dev environment is more intuitive compared to other frameworks. Additionally you can configure standard error mappings in URLMapping.groovy

Is there plugin available for eclipse?


Does Grails provide EJB application support?


How do you justify Grails with EJB3.1 and its simple annotation implementation?

Grails utilized power of Hibernate over JPA and is already using annotation-based approach.

How often grails updates its underlayingframworks i.e. Hibenate, Spring?

The community is really active and its almost in line with all standard versions on Hibernate and Spring.

Do you have experience with a hot deploy?

Yes, but should be avoided in production.

Hello and thanks for this webinar.  The screenshots look great! What IDE are these screenshots taken from?  Thanks!

It is taken from Springsource tool suite

Shall we get the slides of groovy basics

We have received a lot of request to have a webinar on Groovy basics and intermediate level stuff and shortly we would come up with a date for broadcasting the same. Stay tuned to our website for the same.

What is Prerequisite for Groovy on Grails?

Good to have knowledge on Java/J2EE but it is not compulsory.

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