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The upsurge in the use of mobile phones from 2013 to 2017 is estimated to be 109% as a result of which enterprises have been witnessing dramatic transformation. This exponential increase in the use of smartphones has had a multiplier effect in industries like ecommerce and its various verticals like fashion retail, food and groceries, electronics and much more. Enterprises need to adopt mobility in order to exist, failure to do so may push them out of business. The rise in popularity of BYOD has been at a compound annual rate of more than 25% a year.

We will walk you through the game changers, tell you how enterprises create amazing apps, eliminating complexities through simple yet intuitive applications and how to create a seamless, secure and exciting e-commerce experience for your customers.

Topics Covered

  • Evolving Enterprises with Mobility
  • Business Needs and Challenges for an Effective Mobile App
  • Digital Trends Influencing Your Business
  • Identify Issues and Make Your Mobile Efforts Focused
  • Optimize Performance of Your Mobile Apps
  • Agile Methodology in Mobile Apps
  • Effective Tips Pertaining to Mobile Apps

Key Takeaways

  • Mobility is getting more and more implanted in the enterprise culture, learn how organizations are altering the ways to cope with this disruptive phenomenon
  • Get an all-inclusive approach to mobile technology, mobile app functionality and end user interface/experience driving them to ground-level execution
  • Discover that mobile technology roadmap is not just limited to downloadable apps. It involves a comprehensive strategy to implement mobility solutions in order to achieve your business goals
  • Giving ease to the customer to place orders from anywhere and anytime
  • Understanding your customers’ behavior by using the Mobile Analytics to ensure you are impacting repeat business
  • Know the differences between single task-oriented and multi-functional apps and how both can transform business activities
  • Finally, how do you leverage Mobile technology to add value to your overall business
Meet the Speaker
Sabir Arora

Project Manager

With almost a decade of successful journey in IT Industry, Sabir is a Proficient Project Manager with extensive experience on Mobility Platforms. Having traveled and worked across the globe, Sabir is also a great Customer Engagement Manager.

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