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Traditionally, organizations who decided to automate their software testing faced the challenge that test automation involved an almost equal effort in development and maintenance of test scripts as the core software development itself. This is changing with the emergence of a new breed of test automation tools that do away with the programming part in automated test script development.

This webinar helps to explore how Test Automation 3.0 is helping organizations save time and money in building and executing test automation.

Webinar contents

  • Test Automation Evolution: From Code to Code Less
  • Rapid Application Testing 
  • A demo of how functional regression testing can be automated with a Test Automation 3.0 tool
  • Case Studies Illustrating core capabilities and benefits
  • Recommended Tools for Web and Mobile Test Automation
  • Q & A
Meet the Speakers
Dakshesh Shah

Testing Manager

Dakshesh works as Testing Manager at Cygnet Infotech.

Nirav Sanghavi

Product Manager

Nirav is product manager of Testingwiz, a test automation solution for web, mobile and cloud applications by Cygnet Infotech.

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