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RFID is one of the most potential technologies that provide a cost-effective solution for improving hospitality sector’s efficiency through inventory and asset management. It is a known fact that hotel industry compete with each other to deliver quality and innovative services to customers and gain brand loyalty. Hotel inventory items have a direct impact on how it performs and meets customer requirements. In this whitepaper, we are going to explore how RFID technology plays an active role in improving inventory and asset management processes in a manner that improves the overall quality of services and return on investment for the hospitality industry.

Hospitality industry, which mainly includes hotels, resorts, restaurants, etc. is closely placed among customers. With layers of branches and services being offered by hoteliers and hospitality service providers these days, the industry is rapidly growing and becoming increasingly complex and competitive. This has added enormous challenges in managing customer demands and processes. To survive and gain a competitive edge therefore, hotels need to respond rapidly to requirements whilst improving the overall customer service quality and performance

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