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Building an efficient and cost effective web infrastructure for reaching out to global audiences is essential. It is also one of the biggest challenges organizations face. Businesses with strong roots in the location of their origin want to expand into new markets, while businesses that already have a global presence feel the need to strengthen their presence in new international territories. Web content management and digital marketing play a big role in helping establish or strengthen brands in diverse global markets. Traditionally, businesses have depended on separate, regionally-dispersed departments to woo customers from diverse international locales. Companies foraying into international markets for the first time face the challenge (and enjoy the opportunity) of setting up web infrastructure and digital marketing processes that directly address the specific needs of the targeted audience.

Going one step further, some enterprises are also modernizing their existing web content management infrastructures to offer engaging and interactive customer experiences. Using BI & Analytics to understand consumer behavior and needs, companies are able to automate the serving of personalized user experiences, and thereby create digital experiences that are designed to boost sales.

This white paper focuses on the first step towards building a web content infrastructure that is geared to fulfil the needs of consumers spread across the globe. Specifically, it addresses issues related to setting up multiple multilingual websites and managing content and experiences across the web infrastructure. IT leaders, Chief Marketing Officers, and Sales Managers who are looking for the best way to improve global branding, marketing & sales, this white paper will be worth reading.

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