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SharePoint 2013 - The Essential Migration Process

Keep your overheads in check and enable your site to deliver ROI in double quick time with Sharepoint 2013

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Asset and Inventory Management in the Hospitality Industry with RFID Technology

Survive and gain a competitive edge with rapid response to requirements whilst improving the overall customer service quality & performance

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Inventory Management Systems for Manufacturing

Insights into the challenges with inventory management in manufacturing and their solutions

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Creating Business Value with Business-Driven Test Automation

The evolution and the shift from traditional to business-driven test automation empowers software and QA firms to attain greater ROI

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Sustaining and Augmenting B2B Sales in an Ecommerce Driven Market

Outlining the key drivers pushing B2B to adapt multi-channel selling approach, identifying roadblocks and highlighting actionable IT sales

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Mobile Solutions for the Retail Industry

An indepth view of how to leverage the smartphones technology to reach the people who are utilizing them in almost all of their routine life

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